Wet Mirror Finish Ultra Slick


Wet Mirror Finish is a gloss-magnifying glaze that takes your vehicle’s shine to the next level. It reduces friction and static charge on the surface to minimize dirt and dust adhesion while enhancing both dark and light colors.

473ml / 16oz
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  • Among our glaze products, Wet Mirror Finish delivers the most wet, lustrous shine while being safe for all exterior paint finishes.
  • Delivers incredible shine
  • Repels & reduces dirt and dust adhesion to paint
  • Seals & fills minor imperfections & scratches
  • Reduces friction and static charge
  • Levels out an uneven paint surface
  • Deepens the depth of dark colors and warms the glow of light colors


Adds Shine At The Nano Level

This synthetic formula bonds to the vehicle’s surface at a nano-tech level for a brilliant shine with a slick finish. The glaze penetrates deep into light swirls and scratches, creating an even surface that better reflects light for an extra-wet shine.

Reduces Static Charge On Surface

Is there anything more frustrating than fresh dust settling on your car after a full detail? Wet Mirror Finish contains special static-reducing agents that help prevent dirt and dust from sticking to the paint, keeping the car cleaner for longer. Its gloss enhancers and UV blockers also deliver a bright crisp shine with deep reflection that protects the paint from sun damage and fading.