V38 Optical Grade Final Polish


V38 is the Final Polish option in the V-Series. It’s an ultra-refined finishing polish that restores paint to lustrous perfection after heavier compounding and polishing steps. V38 brings out the deepest shine, clarity, and depth.

473ml / 16oz

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  • Among our compounds & polishes, V38 is the final polish after cutting. This is step 4 of the 4-step V-series.
  • Refines compounding and polishing marks from prior steps
  • Gets rid of holograms & trails and removes 2500-3000 grit wet sand marks
  • Restores a mirror-like shine to your paint as a final-step product
  • Contains no fillers or artificial floss enhancers so the lustrous finish is the true condition of the paint
  • The specialty jeweler’s polish is water-based & formulated for extended work time
  • Finishes without dusting or messy residue


Premium Finishing Power For Paint Perfection

When only perfection will do, detailers reach for V38 Final Polish to refine depth, luster, and gloss on a vehicle. Use V38 on any DA or rotary polisher to remove light scuffs, scratches, or any compounding marks or holograms from prior polishing steps. V38 makes short work of light marring and refines polished surfaces with supreme optical clarity, giving you a body shop look.


Use a dual-action polisher or rotary polisher. With a dual-action polisher, you’ll use 4-5 drops and moderate pressure until the product becomes clear. With a rotary polisher, you’ll use 4-5 drops and just the weight of the machine until the product becomes clear. Remove residue with a clean microfiber towel. Watch our demo video for a step-by-step demonstration.

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