Sticky Snowball Ultra Snow Foam


Sticky Snowball car wash soap creates the densest foam. It produces amazingly thick suds that maximize surface contact time to grab and suspend grime and dirt on your vehicle.

473ml / 16oz

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  • Among our soaps, Sticky Snowball makes the densest foam and has gloss enhancers for added shine.
  • Foam clings to dirt to remove grime easily
  • Incredibly thick foamy suds maximize contact time with your vehicle surface
  • High foaming formula helps prevent swirls and scratches
  • Gloss enhancers add shine
  • Rinses clean with no residue left behind


Mega Foam For Mega Soapy Fun

Sticky Snowball Shampoo will exceed your foamiest expectations with its thick, luxurious suds that can last through the entire wash. Sticky Snowball got its name because it’s crafted to produce tons of thick mega suds that stick to the surface, giving the soap time to capture dirt and debris and remove it smoothly without adding swirls or scratches.

Spotless Shine Every Time

Sticky Snowball doesn’t just clean. We’ve added three more ingredients to give you amazing results: First, added specialty gloss enhancers provide a just-waxed shine. Second, added paint conditioners help resist water spots and streaking while drying and the gentle pH-balanced formula won’t strip waxes or sealants. And third, added lubricants delivers a rapid-rinsing soap that’s slick enough to rinse right off the surface to help resist streaks and water spots.


Sticky Snowball delivers exceptional results when used in foam cannon and foam blaster.

Shake well and add 1-3 oz. to a 32 oz. solution tank of your foam cannon or gun. Wash vehicle with thick wash foam, then rinse. Dry with a premium microfiber towel.

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