Sprayable Leather Cleaner And Conditioner In One


Transform your leather goods into a luxurious haven with Sprayable Leather – the ultimate elixir for leather care aficionados. A single spray that not only banishes dirt, dust, and the remnants of everyday wear but also indulges your senses with the soothing embrace of Vitamin E and aloe. With every touch, experience the transformation – from weary to rejuvenated, from lackluster to lustrous.

473ml / 16oz
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  • Clean and nourish in one sprayable step
  • Spray new life into dirty and faded leather
  • Easily break down light dirt, grease, body oils
  • Finish with a non-greasy and dry-to-the-touch feel
  • Protect against harsh sunlight


Spray Away Mess And Grime

Taking care of leather is much like taking care of your skin as it involves cleansing dirt and oil, then moisturizing to protect against the elements. Sprayable Leather is perfect for one-step leather detailing when you’re strapped for time. Regular maintenance with Sprayable Leather helps replenish the preservatives and oils that diminish over time without using petroleum nor caustic chemicals.

Mist On, Wipe Off

Sprayable Leather restores nutrients leather needs to resist degradation. The refined sprayable cream formula is rich with Vitamin E and aloe to restore a soft and supple feel, and uses lanolin and propolis to seal and protect the porous surface against the elements. The all-natural and waxy substances help create a durable barrier against chemicals, bacteria, mold, and mildew.