Soft Stool Ultimate Utility Detailing Cart


The Soft Stool Ultimate Rolling Detailing & Utility Cart is the hyper functional and ultra comfortable supreme mobile detailing stool and station that makes even the most time consuming jobs a piece of cake.

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  • Perfect for cleaning your car, using around your house or yard
  • Makes tasks easier and more convenient
  • Removable cushion turns into kneepad
  • Unique laser cut Chemical Guys logo drains spilled over water
  • Convenient sliding detailing drawer stores small goodies
  • Allows you to reach low areas effortlessly
  • Easily rolls all around while you detail
  • Built in bottle and tool holders keep your detail essentials close by


Convenience Meets Utility

Giving your car a beautiful shine can be hard work. Detailing wheels and rims, bumpers and trim means bending over and getting low. The Soft Stool offers you a comfortable seat to sit on so you can easily detail every nook and cranny of your vehicle! Need to get even lower? The Soft Stool’s soft cushion is removable, so you can take it out and set it on the floor to keep your knees happy while you hit those extra low areas. The bucket holder, bottle holders, under-seat shelf, and detailing drawer keep all your tools close by and the Soft Stool’s four, fully rotating wheels allow you to easily and comfortably move around your vehicle for ultimate comfort and convenience.

Keep Your Arsenal Close

The Soft Stool is the perfect accessory for any in-depth detail. Whether you’re washing, claying, polishing, or waxing your ride, the Soft Stool makes all steps of the detailing process effortless. The easy to reach bucket holder keeps your bucket conveniently placed wherever you go, and the laser cut Chemical Guys logo creates the perfect drainage port for overflow water. Two larger holders, and four smaller holders sit in the convenient shelf above the bucket holder so you can easily store whatever you need to get the job done, while the detailing drawer pulls out from beneath the seat to store smaller tools and brushes. Your arsenal will never be out of reach with the Soft Stool Ultimate Rolling Detailing & Utility Cart!

Unlimited Uses & Stores Away

Not giving your car a signature Chemical Guys shine today? “What else can I assist you with,” says the Soft Stool. The Soft Stool is the perfect tool to get work done all around your home! Use the Soft Stool in your house, garage, office, yard, and more! The versatile stool is perfect for doing yard work, cleaning your floors, washing your pet, doing handy work around the house, and more. When you’re done, the Soft Stool’s Tuckaway Technology allows you to conveniently fold it up so you can stow it away while leaving the smallest footprint possible. The uses are virtually endless with the Soft Stool Ultimate Rolling Detailing & Utility Cart!


  1. Assemble your Soft Stool using the included assembly guide, or watch the video below.
  2. Place your bucket in the bucket holder.
  3. Fill the drawer with smaller items.
  4. Put your favorite Chemical Guys 16oz bottles into the bottle holders.
  5. Add your most used brushes in the brush holders.
  6. Sit down.
  7. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of the Soft Stool while you work!

Additional Information

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