Orange Banger Extra Thick Microfiber Towel (3 Pack)

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Orange Banger Towels are fine 70/30 microfiber interior detailing towels that clean the most sensitive interior surfaces without scratching available in regular 16” x 16” and large 24” x 16” size.

610mm x 406mm

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  • Safely clean all interior surfaces
  • Clean sensitive nav screens without scratching
  • Buff off remaining liquids for a streak-free shine
  • Pick up contamination for a pristine clean look
  • Show any dirt or removed dyes


Luxurious Towel Without Breaking the Bank

The bright orange microfiber easily highlights dirt and debris as it cleans dashboards, center consoles, door panels, seats, carpets, steering wheels, and shift knobs, and shows whether or not the surface is clean. The bright color also shows any removed dyes or colors from leather or vinyl, showing you when to stop and change their technique.

The Softest Touch for Sensitive Surfaces

Orange Banger Towels are made with a select 70/30 blend of microfiber for exceptional softness and durability, and a luxurious microfiber-stitched edge to reduce scratching. Every towel features one thin weave side, and one thick weave side. Use the thick plush side to wipe up and trap dust and debris and buff away detail sprays for a streak-free shine and the thin side to remove dried wax.

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