Natural Shine Satin Shine Dressing 3.8L


Natural Shine is a premium dressing that uses synthetic polymer coating technology to restore a classic, low-sheen, dry-to-the-touch shine to your plastic, rubber, and vinyl surfaces. Use both inside and outside your car.

3.78L / 1 gal

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  • Among our trim and plastic cleaners, Natural Shine is the best for restoring the natural beauty to tires, dashboards, and trim pieces.
  • Restore an original shine to your trim
  • Avoid greasy, oily, and extremely glossy look
  • Repel light dirt, dust, and debris
  • Take your detail to the next level of perfection
  • Lay down a classic shine that lasts


Unique Emulsion Formula For Interior And Exterior

After cleaning your tires, dashboards, vinyl, and plastic trim, it’s important to apply a dressing to protect the surfaces and add a bit of shine. Natural Shine nourishes and restores the surfaces to their original luster. Use it on tires, dashboards, and trim pieces to create a natural, dry-to-the-touch appearance that avoids the look of greasy and overly glossy products.


Durable Protection Against The Elements

Natural Shine is formulated using synthetic polymer coating technology that bonds with the surface to restore an original appearance on tires, dashboards, trim pieces, and more. The advanced synthetic polymer coating contains UV blockers that ensure your trim is protected against cracking, fading, discoloration, and staining that can occur over time.


Clean surface with an all-purpose cleaner or interior cleaner. Shake bottle, then apply 2 – 5 sprays or a few drops of dressing directly onto a foam applicator or microfiber applicator pad. Spread dressing over the entire workspace, then work and rub deep into the surface. Buff off any excess residue with a microfiber towel, then wait 5-10 minutes and add additional layers as needed.

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