Maxi Suds II Fresh Cherry Car Wash Shampoo


Maxi-Suds II is the perfect maintenance shampoo that cleans and enhances any color paintwork with extreme foaming bubbles for the perfect scratch-free shine without stripping wax or sealant.

473ml / 16oz

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  • Gently cleanse car with unending wash bubbles
  • Create a slick wash surface to protect paint
  • Achieve maximum foam with minimal product
  • Easily cut through heavy dirt, grime and road film
  • Lay down mountains of slick wash suds
  • Maximize Shine, Minimize Scratching


Maintain Shine the Easy Way

Maxi-Suds II is the perfect maintenance shampoo for any car enthusiast, offering several significant advantages for maintaining and enhancing your vehicle’s paintwork. Its advanced hyper-foaming formula produces extreme foaming bubbles that gently cleanse your car without stripping away existing wax or sealant. This ensures a perfect, scratch-free shine while preserving your vehicle’s protective layers.

Gloss Enhancing Foam

Maxi-Suds II creates a slick wash surface that effectively lifts and separates dirt and debris. The constant release of foaming bubbles and specialty wash polymers provide superior lubrication, reducing the risk of swirling and scratching during the wash process. This makes it ideal for achieving a pristine, glossy finish while maintaining the integrity of your car’s paintwork.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Maxi-Suds II is highly efficient, achieving maximum foam with minimal product. Its ability to cut through heavy dirt, grime, and road film with ease ensures that even the dirtiest vehicles can be thoroughly cleaned, leaving behind a gleaming, showroom-quality shine.


Shake well and add 1 to 3 oz to 5 gallon bucket or 32 oz solution tank of foam cannon or gun.

Pre rinse vehicle to remove loose dirt and debris.

Foam cannon or gun: spray vehicle with thick wash foam to protect the paint against swirls and scratches.

Wash surface with wash mitt and soapy solution.

Rinse using clean water for perfect shine.

Dry with a premium microfiber towel.

Pro Tip – Filter Your Wash Bucket!

Keep your wash water clean and protect your paint with a Cyclone Dirt Trap!

Avoid unnecessary scratches and swirl marks by filtering out abrasive contaminants.

Just fill your wash buckets with water, insert the Cyclone Dirt Trap vertically, and level it flat at the bottom to create an airtight seal.

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