Leather Cleaner Colorless And Odorless Super Cleaner 3.8L


Leather Cleaner is a gentle cleanser that removes dirt, grease, body oils, sweat, food residue, and light stains from fine natural leather, durable sealed leather, and synthetic leather materials.

3.78L / 1 gal

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  • Penetrates leather pores to lift and suspend dirt & oils for easy clean-up
  • Cleans leather without staining, altering texture, or leaving a crusty residue
  • Gentle cleaning formula includes UV protection and anti-aging properties
  • Breathes new life into dull, dirty leather


Make Your Leather Feel & Look New Again

Over time, the buildup of body oils, grease, grime, and filth on your car’s leather creates a dull appearance while also affecting its texture and feel. But unlike tougher interior materials, leather needs a softer approach to safely clean away impurities without harming its surface. Chemical Guys’ Leather Cleaner gently removes oil and stains to restore new life to your leather without any scratching or fading.

The First Step in Leather Care

UV rays, pollutants in the air, and impurities from daily use will eventually break down the natural strength of your car’s leather. And before leather conditioners can restore and protect leather, you first have to get the surface clean. Our Leather Cleaner sprays on and quickly penetrates deep into pores to draw out dirt, oil, and other impurities for easy clean-up, leaving a pristine surface that’s primed for the next step in your leather care routine.


(For best results, use the Horsehair Leather Cleaning Brush with Leather Cleaner. )

  1. Spray Leather Cleaner directly into brush bristles and scrub dirt and filth from the affected area.
  2. Wipe up excess cleaner and loosened filth with a premium microfiber towel.
  3. Follow with leather conditioner or a protectant serum.


  • Always test new leather care products on an inconspicuous spot to check for colorfastness and desired results.
  • Dilute 6:1 for lighter cleaning jobs.

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