JetSeal Sealant and Paint Protectant


Jet Seal is a nano-tech polymer-based paint sealant developed for airplane exteriors. It protects against the harshest elements while leaving a brilliant glassy shine.

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  • Among our waxes & sealants, Jet Seal protects against the elements through a nano-tech polymer-based formula.
  • Provides up to 1 year of protection
  • High-shine finish
  • Hydrophobic formula repels water


Aerospace Technology for Extreme Weather And Temperature Protection

Chemical Guys originally developed Jet Seal for the aerospace industry to protect airplanes as they fly in extreme hot and cold temperatures. When used on your vehicle, a coat of Jet Seal uses this same technology to help repel pollution and contamination, enhance a brilliant shine, and preserve a smooth finish for up to one year—far longer than conventional waxes.

Fully Synthetic Sealant Formula 

The secret to Jet Seal’s exceptional protection is its highly refined, synthetic nano-tech polymers that bond directly to the surface for long-term durability. Jet Seal creates a strong shield against water spots, contamination, and road grime, while its innovative UV protection technology helps reject harmful solar rays and protect paintwork against fading and discoloration.


Begin by washing and decontaminating your vehicle with Chemical Guys Shampoo. Once dry, apply a thin coat of Jet Seal by hand or with a premium foam applicator pad. Allow 20 minutes of drying time, then buff off using a premium microfiber towel.

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