Hex-Logic Finishing Pad Black 5″


Black Finishing Pads have no cut and are perfect for evenly spreading a layer of final sealant and wax coats over freshly polished paint finishes.

127mm / 5in

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  • Adds a coat of deep wet shine and protection to your car’s paint after polishing
  • Helps seal your paintwork against the elements
  • Easily conforms to contoured surfaces for even application
  • Achieves the best results while using minimal product


Extra-Soft and Efficient 

The no-cut design of the Black Hex-Logic Finishing Pad enables it to spread the perfect coat of sealant or wax for protection against the elements and added shine. The soft spreading action of the pad helps you achieve a showroom floor coat with minimal product waste and maximum results. When used correctly, the Black Hex-Logic Finishing Pad can extend the use of one single bottle to seal or wax dozens of vehicles.


Geometric Design Delivers Even Product Distribution and Less Heat Buildup 

Our Hex-Logic Pads are made with precision laser-cut hexagons that distribute product evenly across both flat and angled surfaces, ensuring complete coverage during use. These honeycomb-like grooves securely hold product in place during application, minimizing friction and helping prevent scratches to the surface. Plus, the hexagonal design conforms seamlessly to all exterior shapes, maximizing surface contact and minimizing heat buildup. The centrally located Precision Port vent hole disperses even more excess heat, reducing strain on the pad’s core and extending the lifespan of both the pad and the machine due to less wear & tear.


  1. Center the Pad onto your backing plate.
  2. Apply 5 dime-size dots of glaze, sealant, or wax.
  3. Spread product into the surface of the vehicle.

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