Fresh Fade Air Freshener & Odour Eliminator

$19.50 rrp

Fresh Fade is the air freshener that instantly transports you to your favourite barber shop with just one spray! It’s the scent that makes you feel like a million bucks on demand.

Use This Air Freshener To:

  • Serious gentleman musk
  • Gets rid of bad odours fast
  • Feels like a million bucks
  • Smells like fresh mixture of aftershave, soap, and leather


120ml / 4oz
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Renew Yourself

There’s nothing like going to the barber, getting a clean cut, and then feeling like a million bucks when you leave. It’s not just a haircut, it’s a reviving of the mind, a renewing of your look, a rebirth of your mojo. Now, you can get that same feeling every time you step into your car with this all-new air freshener! Just one spray and you’ll instantly feel your posture straighten, your vocabulary increase, and your mojo skyrocket. It’s instant confidence and good looks on demand!


Smells Like Gentlemen

Walk into a barber shop and instantly you’re met with the captivating scent of a true gentleman. It’s the perfect mixture of aftershave, soap, and powder mixed with a subtle leather overtone. If the most interesting man in the world had a musk, this would definitely be it. It’s the smell of a Saturday morning hanging out at the local barbershop, chatting with your friends, and treating yourself to the haircut you deserve.