Extreme Offensive Leather Scented Odour Eliminator


Chemical Guys Odor Eliminators use chemical enzymes to physically destroy odor-causing bacteria and germs. These enzymes kill odor at their source, stopping bad smells in their tracks.

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  • Among our Air Fresheners, our Odor Eliminating sprays have the strongest odor-neutralizing power for the toughest lingering smells.
  • Strong odor-eliminating properties thanks to neutralizing enzymes
  • Available in Extreme Offensive (Leather) or Ghosted (Citrus)
  • Light scent leaves your vehicle interior smelling fresh
  • Lightly spray on automotive carpeting, cloth upholstery, and under seats to obliterate old lingering smells
  • Fights unwanted odors from pets, cigars, cigarettes, and food.
  • Spray as needed or use as an A/C flush
  • Clean the air without perfumes or chemical fumes
  • Subdue undesirable smells right at their source


Stubborn Smells No Longer Stand A Chance

When strong, offensive odors take over your vehicle, use Chemical Guys Odor Eliminators to defeat stubborn odors at their source. Our long-lasting formula uses active enzymes that neutralize odor-causing germs and bacteria, leaving behind only the pleasant scents of either premium leather or light citrus.

Clean The Air With Two Fresh Scents

Extreme Offensive is the ravishing allure of plush, factory-fresh leather that turns any stinky space into a leather-scented haven. Ghosted Odor Eliminator has a fresh citrus scent that makes bad odors ghost away.

Use on the worst smells

Odor Eliminator Sprays are perfect for your car, business, office, home, or anywhere you need to freshen up a space. Say goodbye to unwanted odors from pets, cigars, cigarettes, and smoke. Try this spray on smelly trash cans, cooking smells, athletic gear, and more.


Clean and vacuum any debris and old food or stains that may be imparting foul smells into the automobile interior.  Shake well. Lightly mist around carpets, cloth upholstery, and under seats. To use inside the home, simply spray on carpeting, upholstery, in trash cans, or anywhere the odors are their worst.

To use as an A/C flush, set your A/C to circulation mode and spray directly into the vent to eliminate odor & circulate scent. Enjoy the fresh scent.

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