Detailing Brush Set (3 Brushes)

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With three different brushes and a variety of tips, The Detailing Brush Set is the professional’s choice for cleaning extremely fine parts inside and outside the car.

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  • Flick crumbs, dust, and dirt
  • Reach between buttons, knobs, and crevices
  • Reach deep into AC vent finds
  • Clean around badges, emblems, hood ornaments
  • Scrub stains from cup holders


Three Pack Detail Brush Set

Ever try fitting a microfiber towel or stiff bristle brush into an air vent, dashboard buttons, or trunk emblem? Chances are, it didn’t work. Now you can pick up the perfect tool for the job with the Detailing Brush Set. Choose from the shorty fan brush, combination parts cleaner, or specialized vent blade for any fine touch job inside, or outside the car.

Heavy Duty Premium Brushes

The flat, low-profile fan brush packs stiff bristles in a wide, skinny fan to clean and scrub in hard to reach spots. Whip out the vent blade to gently scrape all that impossible-to-reach dust from air conditioning vents. The combination parts cleaning brush features natural boars hair bristles on one side, and a gentle rubber parts-cleaner pick for ultimate detailing versatility.

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