DeCon Pro Iron Remover And Wheel Cleaner


Unleash the power of Decon Pro Iron Remover, a heavy-duty color-changing cleaner that effortlessly removes brake dust, iron deposits, and embedded metallic contamination. It also protects your car from potential damage while keeping those wheels looking spotless.

473ml / 16oz


  • Among our wheel cleaners, Decon Pro Iron Remover is a heavy-duty cleaner that removes brake dust, iron deposits, and other metallic contaminants.
  • Sprays on clear, then turns purple when it’s ready to remove
  • Neutralizes corrosive chemical reactions
  • Removes deep contamination you can’t see
  • Preps tires for tire shine, protectant, or ceramic coating applications


Remove iron deposits from wheels, brakes, and car exterior
Decon Pro Iron Remover is a game-changer for your car care routine. Its powerful formula effectively removes stubborn brake dust and iron deposits that normal cleaners struggle with. But it doesn’t stop there; it also neutralizes corrosive chemical reactions, safeguarding your wheels from rust, scratches, and paint failures.

When it turns color, it’s ready to be sprayed off

With its innovative color-changing feature, you’ll know when it’s ready to be rinsed off, ensuring thorough cleaning and exceptional results. Keep your wheels and lower body panels free from damaging contamination and enjoy a well-maintained vehicle.