Clean Slate Surface Cleanser Wash 3.8L


Wash away old detailing jobs and start fresh with Clean Slate. This super-powerful car wash soap strips away old wax, sealant, and glaze in preparation for a full-service detail, re-claying, or when applying new coatings.

3.78L / 1 gal

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  • Among our soaps, Clean Slate is the best choice for removing old coatings when you want to re-clay or put on new coatings
  • Removes old waxes, glazes, & sealants to prep your car for a full detail
  • Can also be used as a soap additive
  • Easily wash away heavy dirt and grime
  • Help new coatings create the strongest bond
  • Reveal every scratch and defect in paintwork
  • Speed up clay bar process for fastest detailing


Prepare Paintwork for Superior Detailing Results

Leaving old layers of wax, sealant, and contamination on paintwork ruins fresh car details and clogs buffing and polishing pads. Fresh wax, clear bras, vinyl wraps, and decals stick better directly to paint, not old wax. Clean Slate releases old layers of wax, sealant, and glaze, leaving behind a truly clean surface for the most effective claying and polishing.

Wash Away Old Layers Without a Trace

Caustic dish soaps, laundry detergents, or heavy degreasers may strip waxes and sealants, but these aggressive chemicals dry out plastic parts, etch paint, and leave stains and spots. Clean Slate washes away old product layers without spotting, staining, or leaving residues.


Shake well and pour 1 oz. into 5 gallons of clean water in a wash bucket. Wash the vehicle from top to bottom with a premium microfiber car wash mitt, then rinse with clean water and dry using a premium microfiber towel.

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