Chenille Microfiber Wash Pad


The Chenille Wash Pad is an ultra-soft, super-absorbent car-washing tool that can reach and clean any curved contour, flat panel, or intricate detail on your vehicle’s exterior.

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  • Among our washing accessories, the Chenille Wash Pad is a large washing pad that retains large amounts of liquid and is flexible enough to use on every part of your car’s exterior.
  • Soft, cuffless design is easy to hold
  • Cleans large areas with only one pass
  • Complies with strict water runoff regulations
  • Suitable for large-scale details


Deep Pile Velvety Cord for Scratch-Free Wiping

The Chenille Wash Pad’s fluffy woven fabric noodles increase the surface area tremendously—one pad holds as much soapy water and dirt as two and a half flat microfiber wash mitts! Every strand works by trapping abrasive dirt deep within the pile, insulating abrasive filth from sensitive paintwork and reducing the chances of swirls after drying.

Slim & Flexible Pad Fits Anywhere

The 70/30 blended microfiber Chenille Wash Pad has a slim profile that can fit in and around vents, grilles, and side-view door mirrors. It fits behind wheel spokes, around exhaust tips, and underneath spoilers, enabling you to clean every inch of your vehicle’s exterior easily.


Use the two-bucket method: Fill one bucket with 5 gallons of water and 1-3 oz of Chemical Guys car wash soap and the other with plain water. Rinse your car, dunk the wash pad into the soapy water, then wash in straight lines with the soapy pad.

After cleaning a panel or two, dip the dirty mitt in the bucket of plain water to loosen the embedded dirt, then wring it out on the ground. Return to the soap bucket and continue to wash the whole car. Rinse away all soap and dirt from the car, then dry with premium microfiber towels.When dirty, machine wash with our Microfiber Detergent in hot water. Dry on low heat.

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