Chemical Guys Bucket Lid (Black)


The Bucket Lid is the must-have accessory for any detailer that turns your 12” diameter bucket into a versatile detailing tool that you can sit, kneel, or step on as you work.


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  • Keeps detailing bottles organized in one place
  • Step on your lidded bucket to reach vehicle roofs and high areas of the garage
  • Keeps towels clean and dry until next use
  • Allows you to sit so you can clean low areas without breaking your back
  • Allows you to kneel on the lidded bucket to reach over fenders


Quality You Can Feel

The Bucket Lid is made from durable injection molded plastic for a solid feel on top of any Chemical Guys bucket. Every lid is stamped with a special non-slip texture to reduce the chances of slipping if you’re using it as a step stool. Choose between red and black lids to fit any detail garage color palette, and rep the Chemical Guys lifestyle with the large CG logo on the center.

Endless Possibilities

One simple Bucket Lid turns any standard bucket into a number of things: a seat, a step stool, a kneeling post, a storage container, or a bottle organizer. Save strain, save garage space, and save money by using the same bucket for dozens of applications by topping it with the Bucket Lid.


Use your bucket for holding soapy suds, rinsing, sitting, or storage.

Additional Information

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Dimensions 30 × 30 × 3 cm