Ghosted Total Odor Eliminator


Banish bad smells with Chemical Guys Odor Eliminators, powered by advanced chemical enzymes that annihilate odor-causing bacteria and germs at their source. Say goodbye to unpleasant odors as this potent formula stops them, leaving your space fresh and clean.

473ml / 16oz

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Ghosted Odor Eliminator is your new secret weapon against pesky, pungent odors! This isn’t just another air freshener that masks bad smells with an overpowering fragrance. Oh no, Ghosted is a game-changer that vanishes odors as if they were never there!

The brilliant California Citrus tracer scent pleases your senses, it’s also a hardworking agent that neutralizes those undesirable odors on the spot. It’s like a scent detective, leaving a trace of where it’s been sprayed and ensuring no bad smell goes unnoticed.

Ghosted isn’t just for your car. It’s a versatile odor-busting superhero perfect for your home, office, business, and more. Got a smelly trash can? Ghosted to the rescue! Lingering cooking smells? Not a problem for Ghosted! Unwanted odors from pets, cigars, cigarettes, and smoke? Consider them ghosted!

Awesome Ghosted Features:

  • Ghost away bad odors like they never happened
  • Deodorize anywhere on-the-go
  • Enhanced with a light California Citrus tracer scent
  • Keeps working until new malodors are introduced
  • Helps eliminate odors at their source
  • Easy to use and works immediately

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