Pure 3X Hardcore Carnuba Paste Wax


Pure 3X is a premium paste wax that creates a glossy, warm-glowing shimmer while protecting your paint against the elements.

226g / 8oz

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  • Among our wax products, Pure 3X uses a formula with proprietary LTI sealant polymers and high carnauba content to provide shine and protection.
  • Repels water, dust, and other contaminants
  • Made with carnauba wax to block UV rays
  • Get months of shine and protection
  • Leaves a warm shine with deep gloss and reflection


Blended with Grade A Yellow Carnauba

Pure 3X is blended with natural carnauba content, ensuring a brilliant shine with immense clarity and depth. Specialty additives help soften the hard paste so that it quickly melts into any premium foam or microfiber applicator pad. You’ll get effortless, even spreading over your car’s exterior surfaces.

Engineered for Enhanced Durability

Pure 3X fills in the pores of paintwork, metals, and plastics, allowing dirt and grime to simply slide off the smooth surface. The carnauba wax formula naturally blocks harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun, shielding paintwork from fading and oxidation caused by exposure to solar rays. Finally, the LTI sealants and amino-functional resins in Pure 3X increase resistance to the elements and prolong the durability of the wax.


Begin by washing and decontaminating your vehicle with Chemical Guys Shampoo. Once dry, apply a thin coat of Pure3X by hand or with a premium foam applicator pad. Allow 20 minutes of drying time, then buff off using a premium microfiber towel.

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